Bug Fixes and How to Play

Just a few bug fixes and added a “How to Play” screen!


Cannibal Chickens in development!

Title Screen (Beta)

Announcing Cannibal Chickens, my indie game I plan to release on Steam in the next few months!

Even some chickens enjoy the taste of chicken! And the Isle of So-fee is where such chickens live! On one of 5 locations of So-fee (5 stages currently planned), 2-4 chickens will feast on each other, respawning at their nests after being eaten, until the feeding frenzy is over (time runs out)! Whoever racks up the most points wins!

With simple 2D action that is easy to pick up but hard to master, Cannibal Chickens is to be fun for the casual and hardcore gamers!

I’ve been working on this game over a month now, and have a bare-bones Beta working. However, it currently has no AI players (working on that), and an unimplemented mechanic that I’m working on. After that, it’s just a matter of creating stages, polishing and debugging! Will keep you all posted!